M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Recording Studio Setup

Home Recording Setup for your house is so much fun and expense, Posibly for Valentine's Day your wife or Loved one will get you that new Control Center with 48 channels that is a mere 10 thousand dollars, yeah right in this economyOn Practical terms I cannot streaa enough for Valentine Gifts for the Home Recording artist , the cheapest Hardware put out by M-Audio, the Fast track , this little piece of hardware does it all , that is to say if you have a microphone and an electric Guitar and a Synthesizer , so there are actually three pieces of hardware you can hook up to your high powered PC Music Control Center, that will make digital tunes that much better for your ROI, or return on Investment. The unit runs( FastTrack ) about 100.00 USD at amazon, check it out from my page , and comes with all the software you could need as a startup system, and the quality is outstanding, Superbowl performace. I am not telling you what you want to hear I know, there are other things you would rather have, like maybee a guitar to start with, well your in luchk , I have noticed prices dropping, because of the quantity of guitars that are being manufactured, and the prices are sliding the scale. Valentines Girfts are for you also, so go get you sweetheart some headphones for yourself and spre her your talent. The only technical problem with headphones is the mix-down, yet Technics, puts out some studio quality headphones for around the hundred marker, either way the FastTrack from M-Audio ,Do a Search on Amaxon and see how cheap you can get this all in one starter studio, it will well be worth your time and mone for your Online Valentine shopping needs. tilla day or so later. Christopher Hyer 2.7.2011

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