M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

Friday, February 8, 2013

Home Recording Studio And Then Some

 If you like music and you can sing, I’m sure that you may have a dream of possessing a recording studio of your own so that you can record your singing and produce your CD. However, such dream, in general, costs you a lot. Besides the facilities like production studio construction… you are also required a bunch of expensive recording system.

But thing has changed with AV Music Morphed Gold. With this compact, easy-to-use software now you can really enjoy an in-home recording studio.

First step is recording, AV MM Gold can help you to record your voice in high quality. Click record button under the morpher tab and sing. Then, you can replay to check and redo the recording until feeling content.

The next step is editing your work. Now you can see the differences of AV MM Gold. You can add as many effects as you like to make your song funky simply by click on the wished ones. There are many options for you, single effects or special effects or group of effects as well. And if you don’t like the ready-made ones you can create something new. The funniest thing is voice morpher, you can change your voice pitch, voice timbre and the tempo of the song.

More than that you can cut a part of any music song and insert it in to your song. It will be very useful to make funny things and it will stimulate your creativeness a lot.

After the post production, it’s time you make your beloved CD with burner. But don’t forget to make your CD look funky by creating a cover with your favorite pics.

Now you have in hand a complete CD, why don’t you make it a special gift for your beloved in this Valentine?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home Recording Studio

The Home Recording Studio Setup is a blod site that will go over the different types of equipment and software available to the home user that wants to sound like a studio unit. This is made easy with Pro Tools by Avid software and affordable. You can start out for less than 100.00 USD and get the system called fastrack , which comes with a sample of software that is fully functioning  for your guitar and CPU usage and has Loops to get that extra tone of drums and synths that you may not have at this starting point in your recording studio at home. I do invite you to try it out even if you have Garage band as a software. There is nothing quite like Pro Tools and it just getsw better with the upgrades and virtual instruments you can have with Pro Tools 9.0 the latest version of this kit for your home recording or studio.There will be more information on these types of software and other task you can do to setup a rocking home studio setup..

The Acoustic guitar Review

The Acoustic guitar Review

This is a review of some of the most popular guitars in the world, and where to buy these babies.
I think the article is pretty inform able on the acoustic guitar make up and its design for upward mobility into
the musical world. I hope you enjoy this article as well.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Online Jazz Music

Best Online Jazz Music Nothing like a little Jazz music to get your heart a pumping and this is an articel to the left that describes just that. Jazz has been in our souls for years and the music is thriving even more with tougher times ahead of us , and therefore some better jazz musciand new artist are comming out with some really great material. Please read the article and see what you think. Jazz is great fun to play and record its just a natural to play on a guitar as rock is a progressive jazz to me at least. Hop you enjoy the article. Christopher Hyer 4.17.2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Having a Home Studio

Home Recording Studio for your pleasure Having a home recoring studio in your home sure beats having to pay for time in a Studio in your neighborhood. I have a feeling that recording studios are going to be in the past, and that the home studio will take over the Regular one hunder dollar and hour studio time, that most of us at one point had to do . I truly hope prices keep falling, yet other prices such as gas keep going up so its a no win dela sometimes . If you do not have a home recording studio and its been on your mind, think about PRo TOols by M-Audio, great price and the digital sound is miraculous and just facinating. Have a great one.
Christopher Hyer

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Musical Software Production M-Powered 8

Music Production Software Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Production Software  This may be of interest to you
The music production software of Pro Tools M-Powered production software enhances an artist ability to perform clean and crystal clear sounding tracks utilizing this music production software. The sampling rate for this music production software is up to 96 kHz making recordings impeccably clean and noise free .The bit depth of this M-Powered musical enhancing software is either 16 or 24 bits, depending on your desired selection. The forty eight recordable tracks in mono or stereo altogether expands the board to 64 audio stereo tracks of recording in this package and 256 simultaneous tracks of MIDI , make for one big sound in a personal home recording atmosphere.
The options are endless with this music production software can take on an Audiophile 192 High Definition four in and four out Audio card for the desktop computer combining digital input and output  and MIDI card that comes separately , also a Audiophile 2496 four input four output Audio Card with MIDI and Digital input and output ports .These are optional PCMI Cards for your desktop personal musical giant.
This DAW, stands for Digital Audio Workstation, music production software is for the price, one of the highest quality with recording and editing software systems on the market today. The combination of the M-Audio hardware and M-Audio software can take on the most elaborate Demo songs of any singer and player and output a multiple track recording on a single computer for an artist today. The software and hardware combination can do live recordings with excellent sounding tracks better than some sound studios are able to produce. The most superior sounding tracks from a home recording software package is the Pro Tools M- Powered 8 production software used in Recording studios and in home studios for equal sounding multitrack recordings that will have you wondering why you have not purchased this early on.
The advent of the M-Powered music production software has fit the budget of every artist that could not afford to record professionally with the features this package promotes has now the chance to perform studio quality sound as the Pro Tools HD systems and LE systems usually found in your better Recording studios.
Pro tools recently delivered the Pro Tools 9 Music production software and it’s hard to see how one can upstage the best, yet it has proven in sales and distribution to be the new and most reliable affordable Recording package to move forward the M-Audio name. The details of this upgrade will be available on my next post.
The system Requirements for this music software production kit called M-Powered 8 is as follows:
·         1024 x 768 or higher resolution display
·         Available USB port for iLok USB Smart key , internet connection for system upgrades and activations.
·         DVD-ROM or equivalent optical Drive for Software Installation.
·         Windows Vista ( 32 bit Business or Ultimate) or Windows XP
·         Minimum of 1 GB Ram
·         Supported M-Audio Hardware ( Fast Track , etc…)

This Music production software is loaded with software for Virtual Instrumentation, including, seven powered, mind bending Instruments and seventy plug ins. The futuristic Elastic Pitch and Elastic Time – Real time manipulation features as well; this changes the timing and pitch of the recordings in real time.

Easy to learn as well, Yes the Music production software has no instructions but a plethora of Videos exist on the main DIgidesign forum and on You Tube.com , making this virtually so popular that most drool at the thought of playing with the virtual instruments and recording them to perfection .The music software production of M-Powered 8 can be experienced on my web site at the time , http://writingforu.com go to any of the music videos or try my new page that show cases the Fast Track , I use with my M-Audio 8 Software.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fast Track Home Recording Device Re-visited

My Soundclick.com in this aricle I had made a website on Sound click. com and in this article to the left has a link to the website here it is againClick this for my MP3 site , and I have sold a few, my music is unusual, and complicated in your head type of electronically mixed with rock guitar, and that little box above this writing is what I used and still use to record my music with. I highly suggest you check out Amazon.com and look into a Fast track player as it will change your life as it had mine. You will spend countless hours on this magnet of music playing machine and it was less than 100.00 usd. My website Christopher's Website has even more videos and tunes on it. They are low quality but sound great, and they were also made by M-Audio Fast Track Little music device, and a keyboard and cheap electric guitar. So I just thought I would pop my head in to let you know, please sign in on the form and I will be giving away T- Shirts, and once a week a small news letter of things happening in the music and pick up artist world. Have a great day.
Christopher Hyer 3.8.2011