M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

Sunday, February 13, 2011

M- Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer Audio Interface

I wanted to talk again about the Home Recording hardware and software I Use Below

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer Audio Interface

by M-Audio  for reasons that I can , I use this very Instrument for Soundclick.com recordings , yeah go check me out at Soundclick.com artist name is Christopher Hyer or Hyer Specialties will get you there and hear how I made this Fast Track whail like a rock star. I can't say enough about this product M-Audio has come out with, Of course you will need a fast PC or Mac book to run this program well, it is far cheaper than spending 300USD at a studio recording your music that you want to get out of the house with. Yes you can make Mp3 files for an extra 10.00USD , or maybe now it comes with it, You can make Windows Media Files, WAV files and a few others, all at a speedy rate so you do not lose sound quality. Its Just magnificant , someday I wil move up from this. I use Pro Tools 8.0 which is an extra 500.00 uds , yet if you have fast track I think you can get pro tools for a discount of 200.00USD. I have had mine for almost a year, no issues.
Here are the stats:
  • includes Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software - make music immediatley
  • one-for-all compatibility - works with most popular recording software - including Pro ools M-Powered 8*
  • 1/4" instrument input - record guitar, bass and keyboards
  • phantom powered XLR mic input - use dynamic and studio-grade condenser microphones
  • stereo RCA outputs - easily connects to your stereo system or powered monitors
  • What else do you need!!!
  • a Keyboard, if you have the money get the Pro Axiom, read my earlier post. If not get you a cheap controlsurface it works just fine. Here is some pictures Updated and a link to Amazon on this product, Buy It!!!!!!!!!!
  • until next week, Christopher Hyer 2.13.2011