M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2 Computer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home Recording Studio

The Home Recording Studio Setup is a blod site that will go over the different types of equipment and software available to the home user that wants to sound like a studio unit. This is made easy with Pro Tools by Avid software and affordable. You can start out for less than 100.00 USD and get the system called fastrack , which comes with a sample of software that is fully functioning  for your guitar and CPU usage and has Loops to get that extra tone of drums and synths that you may not have at this starting point in your recording studio at home. I do invite you to try it out even if you have Garage band as a software. There is nothing quite like Pro Tools and it just getsw better with the upgrades and virtual instruments you can have with Pro Tools 9.0 the latest version of this kit for your home recording or studio.There will be more information on these types of software and other task you can do to setup a rocking home studio setup..

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